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Video Is Moving Up

The move to all video in our main social feeds is imminent.

There will be outliers but even Twitter has seen the light.

For some, this will be gut-wrenching for others a welcome change. My business is video even though I am born of the old school (the generation that developed the original technology) so I accept and move forward with my best efforts to keep relevant and current with my craft. I remember it was April 2010 that Facebook announced it would prioritize video. In the days that followed the news feed was changed forever. The History of Facebook is a 90-sec video is worth a watch. It ends without mentioning the change to video. I may have been particularly aware because video is my world.

No matter how you feel about the changes video is actually the best way to communicate. Our human brains receive information 97% better through video. This is science and not a personal preference or opinion. Hubspot broke the numbers down for you. What Video Marketers Should Know in 2022 .

The big change came about because of the availability of technology. In the early days, video was just too big to deal with and took professionals like me to get even a simple 1 min. video moved from here to there via the cloud. Now you can email or text a video in seconds.

New changes.

Facebook has just opened up Reels to the Creator Studio. What does this mean? EVERYTHING! As a professional, I can now schedule Reels (video shorts) across Meta. To put it another way, I can do this on my desktop and not on a phone. For a business, the phone is not an option for handling multiple accounts across multiple platforms. The new changes allow a business like BWCI which have large catalogs of clients' videos waiting to be broken down into sound bites and little gems for posting. A big, beautiful payload of posts, right in our backyard. I’m just bubbling over with joy being a recycler at heart and home that LOVES to repurpose.

For those of you who do not share my joy let me ease your fears. Meta does not move fast and your feed will not change tomorrow. Do remember, YOU always have the power of your click. That is your voting mechanism your control. Social Media does not exist without the social, people part. You can choose Facebook classic and vote your conscience.

As for Instagram,

Meta is testing right now. Even the great Z in the sky does not want to lose the beauty and function of Instagram’s visual art to a TikTok-like frenzied feed. These tech giants did not get where they are by battling, they came from the outside and rewrote the game to their advantage. I feel a new game may be in the works.

The future? It’s looking like a version of Web3.0 or the Metaverse will reign but there is a big space waiting to be filled as we transition.

Hold on to your hats we are in for a ride.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

― Sun-Tzu, A Arte da Guerra

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

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Trina Gold

Master Creator

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