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Trina Gold

Somehow I ended up here....

I do not regret a minute of it and the view is amazing.  

Not only do I get to use my highly technical right brain but I found a way to work the left side in for some fun.

IFSA National 2016 Alpine Meadows

Photo Chris Saito.

  Wish I had a bunch of credentials to add here but when I started with the first Final Cut Studio Beta program in 1998, there were no schools to teach me, no universities to give me a  degree. Non-Linear Editing was cutting edge and exciting.

So, as usual, I did it myself. 

Still charging, always learning. Because that is what gives me joy....


          The Journey = Joy!


Trina Gold, Owner - Master Creator
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Big Water

September of 2000: Trina Gold founded Big Water Studios  located on Lake Tahoe’s West shore.  In 2017 Big Water relocated to Truckee, Ca.

At first, Trina focused solely on videotaping highly demanded family histories.

But with the imminent rise of digital media, it was not long before she and her team capitalized on the technology push and created their own niche in event video documenting IFSA and TJFS competitions.

With this first push into streaming video and online marketing the learning curve was steep. Youth sports event media was so successful Big Water Event Media has branched off to it's own youth sports arm of Big Water.


Fast forward to 2018:

Social Media Marketing is changing the world. And Big Water has morphed into an online content innovator.

Using creative content to leverage social media platforms bringing visibility to  your brand.  Ski Industry, Real Estate or Brick and Mortar we know how to reach your demographic.

Once again, Trina and her team are positioning themselves to be at the forefront: Today Big Water is establishing itself as an industry leader putting small businesses on the map through social media marketing.


The next challenge? According to Trina, every  creative opportunity is an opening for expansion, expression, and just plain fun. “Our goal,” says Trina, “is to get your voice heard and your message seen across the ever-changing waters of the internet media world.” 

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