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The Type of Video Does Matter

 Explaining in simple language what we do at BWCI has always been a challenge. Being on the cutting edge of technology means we need to educate before we can offer our services. At Big Water Ci. we create, post, and track video for online marketing. These days I know what we do is essential for businesses. We get your message online and visible where people can see it.

Especially now when in a matter of weeks virtual and online visibility has become the norm.

Begin with understanding the two main functions of video production.

Sales vs. Story

 Last week while in an open bid process with a possible new client I felt my hackles rise and my defenses clamor for competition. I was in a bidding contest with another production company and the word "quality" came up and it was not in BWCI's favor. 

  I felt the doubt in my ability rise and then in a moment of clarity realized It was just a misperception of purpose and not a question of production quality that was the issue. Quality was not in question here. This brought to light two very distinct types of video production.

Brand vs. Advertising
Videographer vs. Content Creator
It’s very subtle and completely different both at once.

A Videographer is a person who captures with the intent of telling a story. There are many kinds of video professionals: some that capture weddings and special events then weave them into the story of people's lives. Others are strictly sports - the drama of challenges and challengers. And at the high end are Cinematographers the talented technicians that portray a story through the visual lens of art. This type of production, the story, is an investment it is and should be costly. 

It’s a one and done investment so it needs to be compelling, creative, and stand the test of time.

A Content Creator. At Big Water, we chose the path of Video Content Creation for online advertising. And yes we run around with lots of cameras capturing all kinds of video and images, technically that does make us videographers, only a bit more.

We start with your message. 

What do you need to say? 

Who do you need to say it too?

What is the budget?- ROI is important. Tracking and valuable data are attached to marketing and sales content. We not only create the content but post, run the paid ads, and track.

Next is choosing the right platform.

  • If your demographic is 35-55 and you have a singular high dollar amount purchase then Instagram will burn through your ad dollars with lots of clicks and little to no sales to show for all your likability.

  • Are you B2B ?- then LinkedIn may be worth the high-cost ads investment. Make it count with a clear message!

Wait! not done yet.

Online marketing content is fully trackable. When done right it is tracked from views to clicks to purchase. We are talking about paid ads here. The goal is reaching new clients and that is done through paid ads.

So we,

POST, TRACK, ANALYZE, REPEAT, over and over again. You need to be seen again and again or people will forget all about you.

Which One Are You? Are you building a brand or driving Sales!!! 

I wish there was one magic bullet for these two beasts, but, sadly No.

Your brand is best served with your story on a platform that can deliver to your people. Choose from short stories on Instagram, Facebook groups that create conversation or full feature mini sagas on your Youtube channel. 

Your advertising needs to be where your people will find it, click it, and buy it. Frictionless connection is driven by video ads that show people what to do next. Posted on your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Youtube. It all depends on where your people will connect with you and follow you home.

The word story gets thrown around a lot

In content marketing, it’s the story that connects one campaign to the next so people remember you. Content marketing uses a story to connect the dots and lead the way. 

With branding, it is the story that drives the connection, the big why that gives reason and done properly makes your company remarkable. In these days of uncertainty, the story can connect you as a business who cares for your community. (tip: it's best to leave the call to action for marketing and sales, it can be inappropriate here.)

Both video types use story just in different ways. 

So if it’s a branding campaign you are running, get out the pen, craft your story, and we'll help you tell it to the world.

If your goal is sales then the videos you need are written in a different language, a faster tempo, repeated delivery with a call to action that is clear.

The difference is vast here, Which one do you need? We get you seen and heard at BWCI

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