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Planned Predictions

Predicting the future so you can build a marketing plan for Fall.

Sometimes I feel like a young Tom Hanks desperately wanting Zoltar to grant my wish. Mine is of wanting to know where the economy will swing next. And yet, would it ruin the journey? Take away the thrill of predicting and the gamble that maybe you might hit the mark as the steel ball rounds the roulette wheel and Red 22 pays out big. Yes, marketing is predicting the future but leaving it to pure chance is playing Roulette rather than Chess. Strategy is everything.

Our biggest fear locally in June ’22 was that fire would rage and burn once again. So far and with great diligence from our emergency response community we are marking the days off till the rains hopefully come again. I tick off each day with gratitude, hope, and a prayer. We have passed through the peak summer tourist season (yes the numbers are leveling out) and are heading into Fall.

So I’m dropping my nickel into Zoltar’s coin catch pulling the lever and hoping for the best. Bought a lotto ticket too. Next, I will begin the work of actually planning for the future. Fire up the podcasts to study the trends, take time to watch my favorite marketing predictors on YouTube, and dive head first into creativity to manifest marketing plans for Fall ‘22.

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Right now it looks like the economy has curbed its big slide downward and is stabilizing. Gas has not gone up and even better has come down a bit. Inflation, even though it cost us interest rate increases has seemed to level a bit and the morning news has even lightened up from its crisis of the day doom and gloom reporting. Perhaps they see the burnout in our eyes. As for me I’m gonna grab what sunshine I can and bath in it.

What am I advising my clients?


  • We all had to do inflation adjustments so that’s a given. It’s time to acknowledge the new post-pan world and suggest the best way to thrive.


  • Cheap has been heading out of town for a while. It’s time we get back to what counts.

Quality of life

  • That may mean leaving a few luxuries behind or perhaps just hand-picking a few that really make a difference.


  • We have all been forced to do things we really didn’t want to but had to. Think of flexibility as an added feature.


  • Grateful for what comes our way and compassionate about those less fortunate. Even a little will go a long way.

I’m digging in deep now because the first week of September brings the first surge of business every Fall and I want my clients riding that first wave. By the 21st marketing will get frantic before we begin to settle into the pre-Holiday quiet of October.

It’s that primordial harvest circadian clock in us all. Tick Tock.

Plus it’s cooler and I have a lot of hikes and rides to catch up on. Quality of life.

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

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Trina Gold

Master Creator

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