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Entering The meta Verse

To say this word is trending right now is a mega understatement, and I’m in the same boat as the majority of the world. I know nothing. I had to Google Metaverse to see if it was one word or two, then I had to tell my spellcheck to learn the word Metaverse. This is my world, rapidly changing, being in a constant cycle of learning. My business depends on my ability to adopt and to adapt to the changing tech landscape.

So this week’s newsletter is a marker. I am committed to learning about the Metaverse because being an artist (yes, my passion has always been to create) I want to enter the world of NFT’s.

Let me be clear I know nothing about the Metaverse. I’m starting with just trying to wrap my head around the concept.

Today I had an epiphany. The Metaverse is radio compared to TV. We went from one sensation audio to two, now we are going from the 2 sense dimension of sight and sound to the third. Only I don’t have a name for that third dimension, yet. Touch? Feel? Depth?

In advertising, there are THE THREE,

See it,

Hear it,

Read it.

That is why video is so all-powerful when it comes to marketing your business. You need all three to connect with your people. It is how we as humans absorb information. Are we are moving towards adding muscle memory to the trio? Like physically feel it, touch? On this scale, the technology is not there yet.

In 1992, sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson coined the term 'metaverse' to describe a 3D virtual space. But, I have to give it to Zuckerberg with great fanfare he connected the term to the present real world. We can all roll our eyes at him but as a marketeer, the man’s brilliance astounds me. Crypto, VR, Streaming, and all the other engineering elements that have been leading to this leap into our technological evolution, and Zuckerberg gets the credit because he put a name that encompasses it ALL. A perfect example of BIG thinking. Love him or not you gotta give him kudos it was a bold move. And it’s a done deal, the world has adopted the term Metaverse.

Enter the music, di di duh, boom boom boom boom, and the giant monolith appears.

I’m dating myself again.

How does this journey, this new world, fit with my own livelihood in the mere 2-dimensional world wide web?

Am I not abandoning my business Big Water Ci.?

That is a definite NO.

When color TV came into the picture did it destroy the networks? It actually made them stronger. The Metaverse is built on the infrastructure of the existing internet and this is just a deeper dive into it. For those of you that struggle with our digital world, this may not be for you. And that is your choice, my choice is to move into the new Metaverse and see where it takes me. For me, life is all about the journey and I’m in. All in.

Today I’m going to play my first game in the Metaverse. Wish me luck!

(ok, I wrote this yesterday and the internet was out and my first gameplay will have to wait, life in the mountains ARGH!)

Personally, I can’t wait for the smell and taste dimensions. Imagine a cooking show where you can smell and taste the food but you don’t actually eat anything. Sign me up. Leaving the excess lbs. in the dust while enjoying creative cuisine is fine by me.

Next week I will return to the current topics of online marketing and how your business presence can thrive online.

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Or let’s go for a walk and talk.

Trina Gold

Master Creator BWCI

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