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After years of drought and a Pandemic, It’s looking Up for Tahoe. We just had a jammed packed Holiday break complete with record snowfall for the new year. Friday downtown Truckee was packed because of the rain that soon turned to snow. Yes, it was a bit of a bummer Friday with the rain but that wet snow does adhere to the old snow better and so far no major avalanches. Palisades reporting a 72 hr 47” total and I80 reopening.

All in all the break was a good bump for local business. I’ll ask my clients how they did later in the week when they get some rest days in.

What does all this have to do with marketing?


No matter how we plan or pray we are a mountain resort town, weather and the world affect us. It’s nice to have Mother Nature on our side for a bit. We had a record snowfall and 24hrs later the roads are opening up as well as the resorts. Today should be an epic day for skiing.

One that our guests will talk about for a while.

How can you tap into the buzz?

  • Ask your guests to send or tag you their photos and stories of their 2022 Tahoe experience.

  • Take out your phone and grab some photos.

  • Smile - You are a mountain local and THIS is what you signed up for. Lead by example.

  • Share photos and experiences from other social feeds. (The local CHP-Truckee Facebook feed is hilarious)

Love The Humor!

Celebrate even though you are probably exhausted right now. This is a gift we will ride all the way through winter.

Jan is a good time to refresh your marketing plan for 2023. Do a little house cleaning.

You can find more insight into what's up ahead in 2023 here in these articles and video podcasts (podcasts are trending)

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Take a deep breath sleep a few days, enjoy the sunshine, and with the next storm set do a little daydreaming for 2023, A Fresh Start.

Happy New Year!

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