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Content Creation

A quick 1,2,3 plan to get you rolling.

Every business comes across this threshold at some point in time. From the moment your doors first open content creation is a necessary aspect of an everyday modern business.

Gone are the days when a website carried your entire marketing strategy. Nowadays a good website is your main anchoring platform in the vast sea of our modern-day world wide web. Everything you put out across the internet waters should directly connect back to your website. Think of your social media as floating arms that can reach out across the web to let people know you are alive and kicking as a business. A tool to guide people to your door. Social media was built for lightness, reach, and speed which enables it to be your floating extension that can reach farther, and connect to more people, therefore increasing your online visibility.

Content is the fuel for your online marketing. Without clear, relevant, and consistent content your online presence will wither away. Your reach and power will be greatly diminished. I'm not saying you must be tethered to your phone or desktop on a daily basis unless you chose the route of influencer marketing. Thankfully, there are many types of marketing to choose from. The top three are Influencer, Brand, and Direct and there are big differences between them. Find what will work best for you and your business. Check out these articles. Brand vs. Direct Marketing and. To Be or Not To Be - An Influencer

Let’s Get Going.

#1 Clear messaging

Get your messaging clear and concise. Create a dozen headlines that will support your message and answer some questions people may have about your service. Start with “Do you have….” “How to….” Or name a common problem you solve. “Got…. We have this that will solve your…. Problem”

#2 Relevant

This is business. Stay relevant to your client's needs. If you can be clever and tap into what is currently trending then do so, but stay relevant. If your adorable new puppy’s coat color is the greatest red-blond you’ve seen and you’re a stylist, then by all means post it with a relevant comment. “Yes, we can match that color!”

#3 Consistent

No matter what, your posting needs to be consistent. Who wants to hire a business that can’t meet a deadline? If you miss one here and there that is ok if you’ve been consistent for the past three months. It can even be the subject of the post. “Yikes, we’ve been slammed, but now we are back on track”

Find what works for you and your business. That might mean monthly posts, which is fine as long as you stick to it. A good goal is 2-3 posts a week. These can be done in batches and scheduled out for the week/month/quarter. At BWCI we do 6-week posting schedules and add the fun daily ones as they pop up. No stress if we don’t it’s covered by the scheduled posts.

Every platform has a specific content creation protocol so knowing what your platform is will help with the process. Find the platform that works for you and your business and focus there, when you feel you’ve got it rolling then add another platform. Create content for the first choice and then modify for the outliers. No reason you can’t add a second or third platform with slightly modified content. These BWCI newsletters are reposted as blogs on my website, not for me to secure myself as a bonified industry writer, but purely for SEO fuel! Algorithms read words. Each of these Newsletters is a thousand words Goggle can pick up that point directly back with relevant digital marketing content for the BWCI website.

The core of all online marketing is content. I challenge you to create one piece of content and then find ways to stretch and utilize what you have created. Spread it out, spice it up, or chop it into bite-sized pieces to get your message to the people who will connect and become a client.

For more on stretching your content check out Leveraging Your Content

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

Comment below or share.

Trina Gold

Master Creator

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