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5 Social Media Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

#1 Paid vs. Organic - Do you know the difference?


It is the day-to-day news feed of your business page. The best way to shine is to talk to your current customers and show them how much you care.

Your happy clients will find you here. You’ve connected and they like what you do.

Let them know how much you appreciate them by NOT hard selling! Thank them for being a part of your tribe and show them you care. Offer special deals and useful information.

Those that don't know you are checking to see if you have a pulse it's a great way to show how much better their life will be when they become customers.


It is for people who do not know you yet. This is the paid advertising world. This is running ads on the platform that best suits the new people you want to reach.

You’ll need to touch them and an average of 8 times before they become potential customers.

Want more on Paid vs. Organic? Go to our LinkedIn article:

#2 The Sales Pitch - Snake Charmers Beware!

People who really use social media are savvy and trickery does not work.

Do you really want the one and done client who complains all over the internet?


Do you want a customer who loves you and comes back time after time?

A successful Social campaign talks to the people who would like what you do and want to be a customer.

Talk directly to these people about what they need then use Social Media’s access to data and demographics when used properly these tools are an asset for you and your future customer.

Why do real testimonials work?

Because they are earned!

Do the market research and know who you are talking to. This takes skill, knowledge, and research. Buying a hotlist on the internet is a gamble you can't afford.

How about building your own list with quality people who want what you do?

At BWCI We can help you get you in front of the right people.

#3 Not Knowing Your Customers.

Tossing Big Net$.

"Knowing What you want to say and Who you want to say it to" is our Mantra at BWCI.

The last thing you want is being known as THAT Ad again.

Worse yet being blocked for all eternity! Leave the big nets with big dollars for the snake charmers. They have the budget to go after the big numbers. When they play the numbers game you can be assured someone is getting paid for all that excess, is it you?

The beauty of social media is its precise data. Talk to just your people and leave the excess to the big sharks.

#4 Buy Now Button!

Does it actually work? Yes, it does but not on the first date.

You want to be honest to what you want so leave it up front and center,


you need to court your customers and let them know how good their life will be when they become clients. Lead them through the process of becoming part of your tribe and then when it’s time to kiss there are no surprises. No one likes an octopus when you’re dating. Respect, honesty, and value are the keys to success here.

With video people retain 96% more information, and you can deliver a lot of information in a much shorter time span. (Put a buy now button with a side note - 'or we could just talk'.)

#5 Personal vs. Professional

Look it doesn’t hurt letting people know you’re an 'honest to goodness' snake charmer, but do they have to see your latest basket trick every day?. When what you do as a business is Flooring?

Or even worse''''

the ads of “Hey you can live like this!” all the while they are showing you some awesome lifestyle that they want you to pay for.

Swipe NOT!

The worst thing you can do is posting just to post because you think it’s cool or your newsfeed has gone cold.

To get the best results ALWAYS talk to your people about THEIR needs and if your personal adventures happen to relate then go ahead post away.

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