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Winter Woes to Winter Wins

Creative Marketing Strategies for Local Tahoe Business.

Yikes I won’t sugarcoat it. This winter has turned to survival mode. I’ve been here long enough to recall a few mile marker s#*t seasons and this one is up there.

Now that I’ve acknowledged the elephant in the room I’ll move into gratitude to make this hard pill a little less like 50 grit sandpaper. The past 4 years have been a roller coaster but compared to downtown anywhere in US cities, we did well here in the mountains. Yes, the influx was a bitter pill but we absorbed the run for the hills that kept us all afloat, followed by an Epic - so this is living in the mountains - Winter. 

The rush that brought rents and house prices rocketing up is now inching down due to increased interest rates and remote work has yet to find its sweet spot. Even though it’s been painful the economy could be a lot worse. The unrest in the world is a grim testament. As for us here in the mountains, remember back the last two years when the crowds were unmanageable? There may be fewer people but also less stress from the past boom. Now is a good time to return to customer service and value. I’ve been writing about value marketing for months now.   The Waves of Change, Adding Value To Discounts, Customer Centric, and Storm Chasing.

Time to get creative. 

In the early throws of COVID Fall 2020, I had one of my best marketing successes.  I realized that correct information about traveling in Tahoe was all that visitors needed. People wanted to comply but they just did not know how. One info video was emailed to my resort client’s past guest list and in 10 days, I filled the resort Oct-Dec with COVID-compliant visitors. 2 weeks ago I completed a very successful social media campaign. When you fire up social media marketing for the first time you will see your numbers increase, dramatically.  It is really fun to witness the big bump. 

How do you find the silver lining? 

Start with where are we.

Think about the people who have invested in ski rentals, second homes, resort passes, and fees that are just as up the creek as we are. What value can we bring to their lives? One of my biggest pet peeves after decades of living here is the great divide between locals and semi-locals. Perhaps this is the time to have a little compassion for both ends of the spectrum and do a bit of community building. 

Community Engagement:

Focus on the role of community engagement and building customer loyalty. Topics can include organizing community events, participating in local winter festivals, or running customer loyalty programs to encourage repeat business.

Board game tournaments? 

A friend of mine is developing a mouse trap stacking board game. I see it as a perfect time to launch locally, for all the extreme skiers twiddling their thumbs. You know the type that needs adrenaline to wake up their frontal lobes. 50 mouse traps flying across the room could work well here. Keep your reflexes toned and firing.

Music & Events

Truckee School Of Music just had “Battle of The Bands” last night. For all that attended by the end of the evening “Down The Rabbit Hole” had everyone on their feet and dancing. Usually, ski legs can limit my dancing, but not Saturday night. Combining both my favorite activities community and music.

Building out your Business

How’s your online presence and e-commerce?  Use social media for promotion, and strategies to integrate online sales with in-store experiences. Engage your customers in a challenge. Find the silver lining in our lack of snow. Take this time to improve your online visibility and attract customers through local SEO strategies and targeted online marketing. People need to find you and when the crowds are low,  this could be a game changer. When you fire up your social media marketing for the first time there is always a big bump. Now is the time.

But more than anything, keep your chin up, power through, and reach out. We need all the support we can get in times like these. 

If there is a topic you’d like to hear more about by all means comment below or direct message and I’ll do my best.

Nothing better than a good question to jump into.

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

Comment below or share.

Trina Gold 

Master Creator

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