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Who Are You talking To?

My every day begins with my mantra of “Who are you talking to and what do you want to say?”

As summer gets on its way my focus for my clients shifts from future possibilities to what is available now. Most of my summer marketing is launched and running. If I’ve done my job well my clients are too busy to talk to me.  Summer is my downtime, so what do I do in my slow time? I collect media because now it's the time to be out with my camera collecting the shots for next year's preseason advertising. It is also the time to bump up my client's social media streams. There is a big difference between messaging SM Streams and seasonal advertising. Advertising is preemptive filled with possibility and planning, the day-to-day social stream is about the now. What is consistent between the two is WHO you are talking to. So today I thought I’d give some tips about using AI to help generate your personas.

I use AI daily and have developed my prompting skills. I’ve come to terms that AI will not replace me but it is a valuable research tool. I keep running streams on each client, my newsletter, and my own marketing. In these streams, I develop personas for each. I’ll take you through my process.

Earlier in March I began my summer ad research with this prompt.

#1 General Prompt

Tahoe Traveler. I want to create a set of 6 personas for a Tahoe traveler. 3 Male 3 Female one of each age group. 25-35, 35-50, 50-65 one of each outdoor recreational and vacation tourist. AI came up with six solid personas. From this point, I move into each of my clients running AI streams and dive in deep to their individual customer journeys.

#2 Pain points.

I then prompted AI for 3 of their main pain points for each demographic. This always produces points that I am just not capable of generating. With the vast amount of user data at AI’s disposal this one prompt has completely changed my business. Advertising has always been a ton of research, and a bit of open-mindedness, melded with speculation. AI uses a database beyond my capabilities which takes 2 out of 3 off my plate. 

Disclaimer: Use common sense here. If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. Further research with reliable sources is required.

#3 Motivations

Next, you bring it all home with what motivates each of these personas. I ask AI for 3 motivations for each persona. For example, AI came up with, value sustainability, conservation, and eco-friendly practices for my Female 30-35 Nature explorer. Knowing that one of my clients' bookings is made by 85% female, ages 30-35 gives me the titles and themes of my next three posts. 

Our ever-changing waters.

In the beginning, there was Yahoo search that moved into Google and now AI is the current search bar on steroids. Using these three simple prompts makes my life so much easier. I am able to use my Tahoe Tahoe-specific knowledge that I have developed over decades and pass it on to people who are not in my demographic in their own language they can understand. This is powerful stuff.  

If there is a topic you’d like to hear more about by all means comment below or direct message and I’ll do my best.

Nothing better than a good question to jump into.

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

Comment below or share.

Trina Gold 

Master Creator

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