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Video Primer

Seeking out video production for your business? It is good to know what kind of video you need before you begin.

The Five Types of Video for Business

I meet with clients every day to talk about creating video content for their business. Some are well versed and others have no idea where to begin. I thought I’d break it down to the five main types of video BWCI creates for our clients. The why, how, and what you can expect from each type.

As far as visibility, purchasing power, and brand building the advantages of using video far outweigh any other media. Using video works.

According to Unbounce, using videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. This is because videos are engaging, increase the time visitors spend on a page, and can also evoke a sense of trust in customers.

A quick online search and the numbers all point to the fact that using video will increase whatever goals you may have in your business. When used properly it’s a no-brainer. That being said I have talked to so many business owners who invested in video only to have marginal to no results. Nothing saddens me more to see a beautiful well crafted video that costs thousands of dollars to produce and get a mere 200 views or worse be outdated within a few months.

Here are some guidelines for picking the type of video for your needs.

  • AboutUs - This is the feel-good, mission statement video that lives on your website. The one video that lets people know there are real people behind everything that you do. Take the time to craft the message into a clean, precise, and general statement about your company. This is not a time for what you do but WHY you do it. Fill it with a wonderful voice-over and beautiful, meaningful images. This is an investment video it should stand the test of time. DIY is ok here if you are a grassroots, bootstrap company but the quality speaks to the quality of your business. Invest and plan to spend. $$$$

  • Process - Break down your process into 3 easy steps. Yes, THREE. Keep it general, detail is not your friend here. We all want to take potential clients down the detailed journey of our process, leave no question unanswered, and wow them with our expertise. Don’t risk a boring 5 min video no one is interested in finishing just to save you the time and effort of a real sales call. The purpose of these videos is to get you the one-on-one meeting you desire. Bonus - This can be used as an ad and double the investment. $$$

  • Ads - These are crafted for the specific people you want to reach to deliver a message and result in a call to action. There are three legs to an ad campaign, content, post, and track leaving one out will affect the results. Start with my mantra - What do you want to say and Who do you want to say it to. Then pick the proper platform, the timing, and the ability to capture the results. Video ads follow strict rules and when I say crafted I mean it. So many people think they can just point a camera and say whatever is on their mind. There are formulas that work and winging it is like a viral video. It spreads and usually what it spreads is not what we signed up for. This is best left to the pros. You get what you pay for here. $$$$$

  • Touch - Here’s where winging it can work. These are the fun creative content that you can flood your online platforms with. From celebrating a milestone to “It’s a Beautiful Day”, Tips and tricks to themes. If you’re a social being it’s time to shine here. If not find a service that can show your business’s best side and broadcast. At BWCI every video ad campaign we create we dice up into multiple touches for the duration of the ad run. Need some how-tos and inspiration? Check out Social Media Examiner. Love those guys!! The financial range is wide here. From $ to $$$

  • Inform - Find yourself repeating the same instructions over and over again? Here’s where Youtube shines. And don’t forget Youtube is married to Google and your SEO gets a boost with every video. Give your clients the gift of ease when they need the info, the ability to go at their own pace and see what they need to see to get results. That can range from a DIY to full production, many videos, and/or a Youtube channel. $ - $$$$

To sum it up video has been on the rise and will continue to rule online marketing. Knowing the type of video your business needs will save you time and money. The bottom line is video Marketing works. Check out Hubspot's article on video marketing.

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Trina Gold

Master Creator BWCI

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