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The Shift 2023

Algorithms to Human Experience in Online Marketing

Change, change, change seemed to be the one constant for online marketing in 2022. The dust is finally settling and the trend for 2023 is becoming clear. Focus less on algorithms and clicks and more on the human user experience.

I for one welcome this shift back to people, to the user’s journey and community connection. With all this talk about AI and Bots coupled with a good dose of fear, they may take over. Quite the contrary, AI is allowing us to sift through the noise at a much higher level and let businesses find their people. Bots, used properly can add another layer of automation to bring like-minded people together and begin the conversation. The key phrase here is “begin the conversation”.

People want to find the answer to their problem, but they also want to see that their solution is coming from a reputable source with real-time, authentic user feedback.

Case in point

My long-time client came to me excited at the incredible gain in followers on both his Facebook and Instagram accounts over 2022. We are rocking it. He wanted us to focus on gaining more and my immediate response was a heavy sigh.

Now, being an online marketer I was shocked at my response. This is what I do for a living and why was I resisting?

My instinct was knocking and I spent the greater part of the week trying to sort out my hesitation and open the door. I looked online to my resources and went back to look at my previous articles over 2022 and there it was staring me right in the face. Change. And not just platform UX, AI usage, and the usual tactic refresh but a change in how we humans interact with our new online reality.

Boomers are not the only game in town anymore. Not only have Gen X surpassed but Gen Y and Z are on their heels. I broke it down in my article Gen X,Y,Z. The biggest change, people are not just accepting that all information online is credible. Having a clear, thoughtful, consistent, organic presence is becoming essential. There is no longer a question of “if “ people will purchase online but from whom they will purchase. You need to be worthy of their time and resources.

Want to grow your followers?

Create a platform worthy of following. Focus on quality and value. Ask, Why should anyone follow? What value do I bring? And what value is available when they interact.

Want people to purchase?

Make the experience clean and easy. No clutter, no distractions, or clever tactics. Simple straightforward messaging. Then let them know there is support after the purchase. Bring them into your community by offering support and added value. Let them know their value to you. Better yet, show them.

Want to build a community?

Clear concise messaging here. A broad reach is only good for getting the word out to find the community of people that really want to be connected to you. People you value because they value what you offer. In the early days (and again with TikTok) I get clients asking me for a viral video. My response was, “Do you really want a viral video?“ Think about it, who wants to sort out who is actually interested in purchasing? Think niche and nurture.

Moving Forward

Create a sound organic platform that aligns your business goals with your customer's wants and needs. Then derive your KPIs and then you can broaden your reach to grow your community. The flighty clickbait days are in our rearview mirror and I for one am grateful. The road up ahead looks promising and the views are getting better all the time.

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

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Trina Gold

Master Creator

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