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The Power of Email for Online Marketing

Most people don’t realize that when building an audience for social your client email list is pure gold.

When IOS 14 went into play in late 2021 it had a big effect in the Meta and Google ad space. The adjustment we advertisers and clients all had to go through was big. The wild west era of online tracking ended. As we head into post-IOS 14 our audiences have changed in a big way. The biggest challenge is the ability to build new successful audiences. For those who have always been diligent about collecting our client's email, the payoff is here. In Meta and Google we can no longer can we track a specific interest, demographic, or behavior like before IOS14. The options are far fewer now. We as advertisers had to get creative.

The power starts with a 500+ email list.

Anything less and Meta will not be able to build a lookalike audience. How it works is, you upload the CVS file and Meta internally finds these people and uses the data they have gathered anomalously to build custom algorithms for your lookalike audience. So far I have found nothing that comes close to the performance of these custom lookalike audiences.

Google has built a workaround but its accuracy has been a bit questionable. It is primarily Chrome-based so for those that use a different browser the results are patchy. They continue to track Chrome users anonymously to gather data points. Many blame the slowing of your personal computer on the Chrome data collection process that tracks open tabs on your browser. I stopped leaving multiple tabs open and will close Chrome completely when I need more power. It's a real pain since video creation requires constant downloading of all sorts of content during an editing session. Music, graphics, photos, and stock video along with the dozens of third-party apps I use for effects. In the past few months, it’s been better but early 2021 was just plain painful until the forums picked up on the issue. At one point I set up a separate computer to download media and airdrop to the editing computer.

So what does this mean for your business’s success on Meta and Google?

Like so much in this world right now we are adjusting to change. I will reserve judgment as to good or bad. I accept our online world as an evolving technology. It just is what it is and my job is to stay informed so I can make the best decisions for my clients. Yours is to decide what is best for your business.

You have a choice, adapt and move into the new evolution or stay the course and slowly fizzle out. No judgment here I'm a numbers gal and sometimes you have to start fresh by letting the old go its own way.

For a handful of businesses that have a strong presence and a solid return clientele, a change now may not be the best course. But if the future is what you have your eye on these changes are paramount to your business thriving.

If you have questions we can talk.

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Trina Gold

Master Creator BWCI

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