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The E-A-T Factor

With the GA4 update, Google has doubled down on its commitment to the E-A-T principle. Websites and content that exhibit expertise, authority, and trust will have an advantage in search engine rankings. For digital marketers, this means that investing in quality content is no longer just an option but a necessity. Couple this with a great video from Michal Stelzner of Social Media Examiner on Marketing Disrupted the new tech and how to move forward. Now that AI has taken over research and fact presentation our marketing E-A-T may be our best selling points in the year to come.

This factor mainly applies to marketers but it will funnel down quickly to the small business owner. Just stuffing your feeds with keywords and trends will no longer work, in fact, it could be detrimental to your online presence.

Something to chew on:


The depth of knowledge showcased in the content is paramount. Google, through its algorithms, evaluates whether the content is from an expert in the relevant field. If a person bounces too quickly you’re out!


How well-recognized is your site or content within its niche? This isn’t about being universally popular but about being a recognized authority in your specific domain. People need to stay for a while and poke around, that means there needs to be some meat here.


Is your website reliable? Do you quote credible sources? Google looks at various signals to ascertain whether users can trust the information you provide. Better get your facts right, AI can do it for you at lightning speed.

Why E-A-T Matters Now More Than Ever

The GA4 update isn’t just another routine update by Google; it's a clarion call for websites and content creators to prioritize quality over quantity. The age where one could churn out content mindlessly, stuff it with keywords, and expect to rank is long gone.

The TikTok phenom has hit its viral for viral’s sake peak and is now saturated. It’s recognized as a search engine now. Meta has morphed in all kinds of directions and now caters to the niche. Google, through this update, is sending a clear message: In the digital realm, authenticity and quality reign supreme. Looks like all the major players are following.

For small business marketing, this heightened emphasis on E-A-T translates to a fundamental shift in strategy. Quality content isn't just an additional feature; it's now the very bedrock of effective digital marketing. But what does this mean in practical terms?

AI can sift through data, analyze trends, and even curate content, but it lacks the human elements of intuition, emotion, and ethical considerations. As such, while AI will be an invaluable tool for marketers, the onus is on humans to ensure that content remains genuine, relevant, and ethical.

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