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The Almighty Algorithims

5 tips to get your brand recognized and your message to the surface.

When it comes to Social Media posting it really is all about the algorithm. Every platform has its own equation so posting exactly the same across platforms may not work. But with a few tips, understanding the rules, and a couple of changes you can stretch your content to get full coverage. Here is where repeating yourself is a BIG plus. The more a word or phrase is used the quicker your post is pushed to the surface. This brings us to trending, but that is a whole can of worms on its own.

I’ll save trending for another day. Today's subject is the gatekeepers of our online world, Algorithms. We love to blame them for all that is not right with our online experiences but without them, our online world would be dangerous, unstable, and unusable.

Here are some tips to help you to understand, take control, and build an online presence that teaches Algorithms to work FOR you.

#1 Know Your Platform

Each platform has a basic function.

Youtube - Minutes watched. Youtube wants its viewers to stay on Youtube and watch hours of videos.

LinkedIn - Engagement on the B2B stage. Please, no puppy pop-up posts unless you own a kennel. Yes, you can use humor but posting to post is frowned upon.

Facebook - Engagement. Bring out the cute puppies, kitties and kids they rule here. Business? It’s all about engagement, enlightenment, and information. Talking to your fan base, giving your customers deals or tips. Showing your business has a pulse.

Instagram - Now we’re talking visuals and the goal is shares and likes. Update - They are breaking into the short video world with reels. 15 Second punch trendy videos.

TikTok - Interest-Based Social Media. Viral video built upon other viral videos. Still, in its infancy the business applications are limited. But don't discount it, the entry is a lot of bang for your buck at this stage of the platform.

And the list goes on. But what each platform has in common is that the decisions on placement are controlled by algorithms.

What do all the above platform algorithms have in common? They read words. Algorithms that catalog video are coming but the real drivers right now are words. Why do you think all of the platforms have text overlays or captions? Spoiler alert! It’s not just for silent viewing.

#2 Use Your Words

Start with a title. A short abstract title may be eye-catching but the trade-off is the algorithm has to work harder to place your post. Is it vegetable, mineral, or kicking? This is really important, so take your time and think your title through. An added bonus is a series that uses the same phrase (or brand) over and over with an identifier at the end. Such as, "The Great Race - The Peak", "The Great Race - The Valley". There is great power in producing a video series. You can cover a lot of social ground with a big net made of a title used again and again with slight changes. The series title becomes a searchable word phrase and if you’re lucky you can hit a trending status. Kinda like viral with a purpose, the holy grail for business.

The body of your post.

See it, Say it, Spell it out. In many BWCI videos, I use the script in order to let the algorithm know exactly what is in the video. It's quick and easy not having to write more copy and it works. Spell out everything, limit using just abbreviations, add both for impact. Use your name spelled out in full and the abbreviated form if your acronym is widely used. Do Both. If the topic is trending then do a search and find exactly which word or phrase is trending the most. Big Water Ci. And BWCI is used in every post I do. Including #BWCI and #BigWaterCi as an easy way to get it in.

Big Xtra Tip - Own Your Own hashtag. For example: If you are in Real Estate and the competition is high make sure you always include your own brand # in every post. #LakeTahoeReal Estate is widely used but, you can get lost on on page 10 from all the noise. Where #JonesRealEstateTahoe you can own.

#3 Label Images Properly

Google Jpeg.03 and you get 68,000,000 instances in 45 seconds. Labeling your images is a small trick that works well. If you have an image take the time to label it properly. I use 2203 BWCI(name). The year 22, the month, Big Water’s acronym, and the identifier. I have been doing this for years on every platform, every post. Plus it makes them so much easier to find over time.

Take the time to rename your photos.

#4 Repeat Repeat Repeat

Algorithms read words and love consistent, repetitive use. Formulas don’t have a brain just speed and a counter so using a word, name or phrase over and over again increases your chance of locking into a trend and leapfrogging up the ladder to the surface. So if you have a campaign, a series, or an event coming up spend some time on the name. Make it unique and hashtag-able. Make it repeatable.

#5 Consistency

Is the name of the game for getting your brand high up on the data columns of an algorithm. Whether you post once a month or 5 times a day. Find what works and stick to it. It must be sustainable. These are sophisticated math equations so flooding with just multiple posts does not work and is a good way to be tagged for being a nuisance or worse a fake profile.

Posting consistently will get you much further than constantly posting.

Add to that clear labeling with repeated words and phrases and you will see a difference in how your brand shows up. Commit today to what is sustainable. Build up and out over time and you will find your way to a great online presence.

Any questions?

For a more in-depth article on algorithms.

Comment below or reach out.

Trina Gold

Master Creator

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