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Sound Hearbles

What You Hear On Video

Can greatly affect what you see and how it all comes together in video production.

Mastering your video’s audio, and making sure it’s clear, clean and at the proper levels leads to a sound, high-quality production. We’ve all been there trying to understand what was said or being blasted out by poor audio on a video. We may not be aware when done right but we certainly know when it’s not.

With just a few simple tips you can level up your own video production quickly and easily.

#1 Location

- Just like the visual choice take the time to be aware of the sound levels. I have been asked time and time again to shoot video off of the Downtown Truckee 267 bridge and I have to out and out refuse. Even with my professional audio recording capabilities that location is just too noisy. Unless your message is about noise or trains. (I’d still do a studio voiceover the view upriver is spectacular). So take a moment and listen before you shoot.

#2 Tools

- At the DIY level, there are some great tools available. If you are just shooting from a mobile device or through editing software on your desktop there are tons of mics available. As with all tech gear you get what you pay for and be prepared, with a higher price tag there will be a higher learning curve. B&h Photo has been the professional mainstay for decades. The price may not be the lowest but they make up for it in customer service and speed.

Here are some current mic choices.

#3 Edit

- If you are on mobile then it’s time to search the app store for the best tool for you. There are tons out there. On a desktop? Find an editing software that suits your needs, there are some good freebies out there. Apple's iMovie for one will enable you to add background music or a voiceover. Bu all means use a mic with your PC when doing a voiceover.

Final tip on editing. Learn how to use the audio meters in your editing software. Master your video to the standard -6db. This way people consuming multiple videos from your channel will not have to adjust the volume with every new video they watch.

#4 Copyright

- Last but not least background music or sound effects. If you do go the desktop editing route and add background music DO NOT USE your latest music download! Copyright is big business and Meta will just take your video offline without even notifying you. Youtube will notify you that your video contains copyrighted material and is now being monetized by the holder of said copyright. There are some great services for copyright free music just like images. My favorite for over a decade is Envato Elements you can go monthly or pay for what you need. At $5 a track, it is easily affordable.

So, get on out there create and produce video content for your brand or business. With a bit of planning and some tech know-how, you too can make great video.

If you need to level up from the DIY video production we at BWCI are here to help.

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Trina Gold

BWCI Master Creator

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