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Short Video

Are hot these days and the key to success is quantity.

The ultimate goal is quality and quantity but there is some leeway when you start. In order to move the needle even the slightest you will need a lot more content than you think. if you want to enter the short video scene think of a number and multiply by 10X. I’m not knocking long-format videos, I watched two this morning. How many times have you heard from a friend, “don’t worry it's 29 mins but it’s worth the time."

By all means, if you have information that is complex and deep the 1 min standard isn’t going

to work, but think out of the box and consider multiple video shorts that lead endlessly from one video to the next. Broadcast has been doing this for years, all of a sudden you realize it's the next episode, and the commercial break began 3 min after the episode's opening hook. A big plus to short video is each video post is its own SEO and shareable asset.”

When creating video content the first question you should always ask is, why should anyone want to watch your video?

Don’t get me wrong, long videos are valuable assets but you need to think of how you can gain people's trust to watch a 25 or even a 90 min video. A short video teaser could be a game-changer. Think about the movie industry, they want you to invest time and money so the teasers are everywhere and different for each market.

Components of a video campaign.


Each platform has its own criteria. The top three are Meta Reels, Youtube Shorts, and TikTok. They are all competing for your attention so in-app preferences can be their gatekeepers. Recording the original to your photo library first enables you to use the in-app editing tools, con, you have to edit each post for each platform. The next step up is editing software. From freebies like iMovie and DaVinci(this is pro software with a free version) to professional editing systems like Adobe and Final Cut Pro. I create at least 4 ratios of each and every video and multiple versions if it’s a long video. A single 2 min video can create 20-30 pieces of content.


Do not forget the thumbnail! This is the hook, the face of your video. You will need to know what size for each platform. Start here for more info, Meta Guide to Ad Images


There are many formulas that work well here. You can google them. My latest hack is Online Sales Script

  1. Hook or Problem

  2. Solution

  3. Build, story or testimonial

  4. Call To Action

The formulas help especially when you only have 125 words for a 1 min video depending on how fast you want to speak. Keep in mind the tempo, more information does not mean a better video. Every word counts, choose wisely. Nothing worse than being compared to an annoying drug ad side effects rant.


With today's phones and editing apps, it is possible to create a production-line approach to video content. I create multiple videos that generate multiple photos for complete campaigns that go out over 6 weeks. Meta’s Creator Studio is my go-to for scheduling Facebook, Reels, and Instagram posts. I used to bulk load 25-30 videos on Youtube and having your upload presets current saves a ton of time.

So get in there and start creating videos for your online presence. What I tell my new clients as we begin is, “the first ten suck so get them over with”. That may seem harsh but I follow with, "people want to connect with people so they can be very forgiving in the beginning". Add to that the bonus of the early adopters that watched you grow now having bragging rights when you hit it out of the park. You cannot buy that kind of brand loyalty. Concentrate on creating the best message possible and people won’t even notice your nervousness.

Next week I will cover scripting for videos.

Good videos this week.

How To Keep People Watching Social Media Examiner, this weekly podcast is always worth the hour Saturday morning.

Video Content Strategy This is a new one for me, Think Media. This video is Alex Hormazi a Gym Business builder that really has a good story about a normal person on a YouTube journey.

I just wanted to be rich not famous.
Alex Homazi

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

Comment below or share.

Trina Gold

Master Creator

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