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Screen Presence

Be aware of which screen your customers’ time is spent.

Let’s face it in the world of marketing your business, it is no longer a question of your marketing being on a screen but which one- Mobile, desktop, or tablet. If you are still wondering if you should amp up your digital marketing I’m afraid that boat sailed even before the pandemic came to our shores. I just watched a GaryVee - Stockholm talk this morning in which so much of our world has changed since it first aired in 2017 and his message still holds true. Find out where your customer’s attention is and make sure you dominate that space. His tag line was “Day Trading Attention” And the example of his personal journey from Google Adwords before 2000 to Facebook and then Instagram is clearly the roadmap for his web 3.0 NFT success in 2021. The high point being, in a single day sales of five of his VeeFriends sold on Christy's Auction for over a million a piece.

Let’s get to it.

It’s a screen and the three choices are Mobile Desktop or Tablet.

Mobile - Are your customers on the go? Traveling? In our Tahoe tourist-based ecosystem, even the older crowd has moved over to their phones for the majority of their information when on the go.

Tablet - How many of us stream our favorite shows on our tablets these days. And when we are traveling many of us rely on these to plan our vacation days in the evening.

Desktop - I’m personally a desktop consumer. This is where I research my shopping, make online purchases, plan my travel and book my activities.

So what do we do when we need information.?

Google it.

And how does your business come up?

Hopefully somewhere on the first page. If not then you have your work cut out for you. On that first page is it just one mention or do you have a presence?

What do I mean by presence?

If you have been focusing on marketing on the web there may be the first mention of your business and usually, that is through your SEO or Google Adword spend. Next listed could be your social media, blog posts, articles, and videos. So if you have been serious about online marketing this first-page lineup may look like this.


Your business google map and listing.


Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram page/s are listed. Perhaps a post.


Website or a social blog like the new LinkedIn Newsletters.


Youtube and Meta. Having both can lead up to 4 or 5 listed here with thumbnails.

Even if you just get 3 out of four here it’s a good example of how your business just dominated the search page in your favor. There is only so much real estate and you just took up the majority of the screen.

How do you increase your visibility? Content.

How much content? That is a good question and one that takes a lot of thought to plan, create and produce. A few months a go I tackled the subject Leveraging Your Content. Creating and managing content can be a time and resource suck if you do not have good systems in place. Taking the time to plan and then leverage your content can make a big difference in your bottom line. There is plenty of information out there and a lot of services like BWCI to help. You'll need to determine where you are and what you will need to move the needle. A good place to start is to determine where you are today. Get some fresh eyes on your online presence. Ask a few friends to google your business and screenshot the results. At BWCI we start with an Online Presence Review with every new prospective client.

Once you have your baseline it's time to plan and set goals. Remember, consistency is key so it's important to make what ever you begin sustainable. All of the big players started the same way, dipping their toes in the shallow shores, learning to navigate and then venturing out to distant lands. The capitans in this game were the ones who stayed the course, kept the content flowing, while looking ahead to chart new waters.

Need eyes on your business?

Reach out for a consult.

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Trina Gold

Master Creator

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