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Rock The Ratio


Gif - Graphic Interchange Format. 

I just started playing around with gifs. (Graphic Interchange Format) In short, gifs are videos you can email! Consider them “video lite.” They are great for texts, and light touches too. If you're interested in trying your hand at making gifs, online generators for the DIY’ers are now available, try Giphy or EZGif. And the good news is most video editing systems can now export in .gif.

Big, bold and fun are the rules here.

Simple video, simple message. 

  • No long sentences!!! 

  • Use Power Words.

  • Images - Succession of events works well.



We hear 4K being dropped everywhere and these days in the latest and greatest in cameras 8K is the buzz. Along with the 32 core MacPro you need to processes it. $$$$$ 

High Definition- HD is 2K - meaning 2000 pixels across the screen but in reality, it's 1920 across and 1080 high. For such a technical field you wonder where the other 80 pixels went. 4K is no better. 

There’s a whole science behind these numbers. 

Curious? Google it and dive in deep.

What I found after dropping $2K in a 4K camera recorder. 

  1. I’m not Nat Geo. My commercials are 30 seconds, not 90 min. visions of the worlds greatest wonders. Plus most people would rather not have that much detail captured in an interview.

  2. The expense of dealing with that much processing clients do not want to absorb.

  3. What I really found is speed matters more and 4K is a nightmare for internet streaming.

So, for now, it’s HD (2K) and you get it tomorrow, not next week or the week after at it will cost less.


Ratio - Golden, Good and “Get Outta Here!”

Now, THIS IS IMPORTANT and I spend a lot of my time in constant research of what ratio to use. 

I start with WHAT do you want to say and WHO ado you want to say it too. 

It’s my daily, no strike that, hourly mantra. 

In the beginning, there was SD - Standard Definition (4:3 ratio) but noooo! We wanted more. So along came HD and the Golden Ratio of 16:9 became “IT”. Youtube being the all great power in the sky determined that the ratio of 16:9 was good and so we obeyed and uploaded in the millions**. It’s a nice way to look at life in a nice long landscape, a feel-good proportion. 

**Disclaimer - Actually there were a lot of big powers and technical reasons for this decision but Youtube videos look best in 16:9.

Ahh, but not for long. All the great powers in the sky in the world of social streaming began to bicker and along came 1:1(square) because it looked good on the growing mobile population. 

And so on…

And so on...

One video - 3-4 platforms.

Now It takes me nearly 4 hours to launch a new ad campaign after I have finished the original HD version video.


Here’s how I tackle the Ratio issue. This example is all one video dispersed across BWCI platforms.

16:9 - HD goes on my Youtube Channel and LinkedIn

1:1 goes on my Instagram - Sometimes Facebook.

4:5 is my usual Facebook feed these days.

Now it gets tricky. Here’s where all the campaign and planning comes into play.

WHAT do I want to say and WHO do I want to say it too.

Each platform has definite criteria, a specific demographic and best practices guidelines. 

Last week I tried a new ad format on Instagram Stories. 9:19 - Traditional Landscape turned 90 degrees.

The Social Media Examiner ran a great article on the new Instagram ad format.

Here’s what the entire campaign looks like.

Traditional 16:9 45 seconds, went to the BWCI Youtube channel

What all this means and how can it help you?

I go back to my daily/hourly mantra.

WHAT do you want to say? And WHO do you want to say it too?

Once you get the answer, the choice of platform should be clear and that will lead you to the format and ratio best suited for your goals. 

If you get stuck, reach out. I’ll always take the time to geek out over ratios, platforms, and formats. DIY’er seems to become my best clients. They really appreciate what I do for them.

Trina Gold

Big water Ci.

Get to the Surface.

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