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Post Mad Modern Advertising

As an ad creator, I welcome this new era.

The advertising world was not my first choice of occupation.

Being of the boomer era and the recipient of Mad Men era ethics, advertising was the last place I wanted to reside in. Two big events happened that changed everything for me. Online marketing brought on the shift to business-to-consumer connection marketing. We no longer as marketers have to resort to brute force marketing and the little guy can now compete in a big box world.

Our goal for BWCI clients? Connection. With the precision of delivery through online platforms, we find the people who want and need your services and lead them to purchase. We hear a lot about data and the woes of tracking but there is an upside. The online world would be a really nasty place without the algorithms that protect us. It’s like free speech and is too a double-edged sword. As an Agency this has opened up a gentler, softer, and more accountable world of marketing and advertising. One I truly enjoy being a part of.

In the early days of just video production, it broke my heart to hear of my client's tales months after I delivered their video. Spending thousands of dollars not to mention the time and energy, only to have 200 people see the video. There had to be a better way.

In 2010-15 my Mom side gig was kids comp ski videos that ended up bringing in up to 8K views a week and a YouTube partnership. All organic and quite frankly by accident. If I did it why couldn’t I do it for my clients? In 2015 I began to follow author Don Miller of Storybrand. Who became a big influence in my change from a video production company into a marketing and ad agency. He took the sleaze out of advertising. No brut force marketing here only clarity of message and creating a connection between your business and the people who want and need your services.


If you and your business are stuck in the old era of advertising it’s time to break out and feel good about the content you deliver. It’s all about concentrating on the high standard you set in life bringing to market your passion project and connecting to your people.

The latest influencer I’m following is GaryVee who years ago I couldn’t stand the in-your-face yelling YT videos has matured and his message is crystal clear. Stop creating content that is nothing but an ask for money and create content that brings value to your people. Give without expectations and you will create an audience that respects you and will seek out your offers. Check out the GaryVee's 4D series, one on one with business owners are my favorites. His big message is brand marketing but with a new era twist.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

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Trina Gold

BWCI Master Creator

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