Organic vs. Paid

Organic vs. Paid - Social Media Advertising Are you posting like mad on facebook? Are you diving into paid ads? Here's a primer on why you need both.

Organic - "AKA" your Facebook business page and what it does for you. Building up your FB business page is establishing your brand culture. It’s where your fans and people go to see what you’re up to and see how they can join in or connect. Having a loyal base is essential and validating your business with a current presence to show it’s alive and thriving is key here. It's a place to thank your customers. Give kudos to your staff. Or give back to the community. I don't know about you but I check a businesses Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Website before doing business. I want to know, Are they legit? What do they stand for? Are they nice humans?

A current social feed says a lot about your business.

It says:

  • You’re out there

  • You want people to know about you.

  • Clients are important to you.

  • Your mission and vision statements in a natural organic way