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Organic vs. Paid

Organic vs. Paid - Social Media Advertising Are you posting like mad on facebook? Are you diving into paid ads? Here's a primer on why you need both.

Organic - "AKA" your Facebook business page and what it does for you. Building up your FB business page is establishing your brand culture. It’s where your fans and people go to see what you’re up to and see how they can join in or connect. Having a loyal base is essential and validating your business with a current presence to show it’s alive and thriving is key here. It's a place to thank your customers. Give kudos to your staff. Or give back to the community. I don't know about you but I check a businesses Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Website before doing business. I want to know, Are they legit? What do they stand for? Are they nice humans?

A current social feed says a lot about your business.

It says:

  • You’re out there

  • You want people to know about you.

  • Clients are important to you.

  • Your mission and vision statements in a natural organic way 


Why Pay for ads?

For the people that don’t know you, you will need to pay in order to broaden your reach.

Paid ads are for reaching out beyond your fan base to reach people that do not know you.

New clients, new demographics. It’s testing the waters to see if you can connect to a whole new group of humans.

How Does It Work?

Organic is your FB timeline, a long continuous conversation with your fan base. They know you, they like you and you need to talk and listen to them.

Paid ad campaigns run in the background 24/7 with audience parameters. We can control who sees your ad and how many times. This is where you reach out to the unknown future client and ask if they are interested in what you do. Would they like to know more?

Here is where you can test what's working for you. A-B testing is a must.

I test one of these parameters every ad run. 

Language - Do people understand what I offer? 

Creative - Does the video represent my business and my clients?  

Audience - Is this a good audience for my business?

Then at Big Water, we use video to drive the ads because video ads go further faster and cheaper. 

There’s tons of data behind this fact. My goto for information, Hubspot.


This is the main focus. 

People need to know what they are being asked to do. Be honest and let them know why they need your services. Stay clear of fear farming, if bad things will happen if they don't use your services then state the outcome but leave the sky is falling out of the conversation. 

The CTA needs to be easy, clear and polite.

When it is their choice to opt-in becoming a future client is easier.

My goal in advertising is to connect to clients who want and need my services. 

Do you really want a client who was tricked into signing up?

Who needs the headache?

Want to know more?

Let's have a conversation, the first hour is on us.

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