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Leveraging Your Content

Don’t let a good topic or idea be a one-hit wonder.

Constantly changing or consistent relevant content?

We are all tasked in our businesses with needing fresh creative content time and time again and a good question to ask is it working? Well, that’s a loaded question. It’s a fine line between creativity and coming across as flighty, confusing, or worse desperate. Even when throwing spaghetti at the wall it takes a few tries to master the throw and velocity, then the quality of the stick, al dente or overdone? All in all a test designed for novelty and not results. Is this your marketing strategy?


Yes, you need to consistently post content, it needs to be creative, you feel like the pressure is on, it’s the same thing over and over, and no one enjoys feeling like a broken record stuck on sell. After years of making my living from creating content, I’ve worked out a few guidelines that may help you through the confusion.


- Good marketing is getting your message seen, heard, and remembered. To achieve this you need to repeat your message over and over again. You can change it up but we all know the importance of a tag line and getting to the tag line is the path you must lead your potential clients down. So start building customer paths that lead to you. Think about the journey a future client needs to take and by all means make it clear, as short as possible, and with a final destination. Being taken on a continuous spiral journey that never ends without your permission is just plain wrong. Who wants a client that is beaten down and worn out before they even get to use your product. Think they’ll be back for more?


Just because you see all your posts lined up on your platform does not mean that people who follow you see every single post. It’s closer to 30% and as little as 6% depending on your base. Are they active followers? Are they engaged? You may feel repetitive but the odds are you are just getting through. Stay with a topic and link the posts together so that when you do connect they can easily see more.

Algorithms -

This is your business and it’s ok to experiment to see what sticks from time to time but doing it every post is risky. Why? Algorithms. They are designed to pick up words or phrases over time and usage then pass them on to people who will respond. Why are algorithms designed to do this? They are AI and are designed to copy the process of a human brain, only faster. They too need repetitive behavior in order to remember and respond. Check out my LinkedIn article on The Almighty Algorithms.


Creating content takes time and resources. You need to get as much as you can out of each creation. I create a campaign with one message, and one video then I break it down into multiple formats for posts across several platforms with the same message and saturate the chosen platforms for a period of 4- 8 weeks.

Outliers -

  • So if you just hit a milestone in your business and it’s not in line with the current campaign do you pass on posting? Absolutely not. This is when you get to play and have fun.

  • All of a sudden your business is right in the middle of a trend? By all means, capitalize on the trending algorithms and throw a couple of posts in the game.

  • Find your timing off? If need be pause the current campaign and go off-topic for a week or two. Just like the BWCI campaign - Foot Traffic was scheduled to release in March 2020 just as the pandemic hit. I pulled it till now - a 2-year pause. Waste good content? No way.

In conclusion,

The days of trickery marketing have come and gone. No one ever liked being beaten down or tricked into a purchase and these days there are repercussions to bad marketing. As an advertiser getting flagged can ruin an ad campaign. Taking out your anger and randomly flagging ads or people will put you in the troll category, the sword cuts both ways here. Building your social feed to your likes and dislikes is a skill you need to master when marketing for your business. Check out my article on FOSMI - Fear of Social Media Interaction to help guide people through the process of building your feed to reflect your likes and dislikes and what to do if you pick up a troll.

Last, keep your message clear, relevant to what you do, and the call to action up front and center. If what you advertise connects with a person you do not need fancy buttons or screaming text to get them to purchase.

The beauty of online purchasing is its ease.

“Confuse you lose”
Donald Miller - Story Brand

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Trina Gold

Master Creator BWCI

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