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Kickstart Your Marketing

A quick marketing primer to get you moving in the right direction.

Here in Tahoe, we are just beginning our shoulder season. I think…..

March always seems to be the space in between month. And here it is the end of March with Spring skiing just starting… Well, maybe next week.

By now in our Tahoe area, businesses are riding out the winter and getting ready for spring and summer.

This year? Snow-mageddon 2023! Palisades just announced a July 4th closing date. It’s been a few years since our last good spring skiing season I’m hoping for the best. Eventually, the sun will shine and we can get in some epic skiing well into May! Spring backcountry touring will be a safe bet for getting out and about. I’m predicting mountain biking and hiking (without snowshoes) will not be available for a few more months.

So what to do now?

Spring is here and the usual yard and outdoor cleanups will have to wait. This a good time to sit down and hash out a marketing plan that will take you through Fall.

Here’s a primer to get you thinking in the right direction.

Break it down

Try 6-week blocks

April - Mid May

Shoulder season

Think about what you can offer. Historic snow levels for late-season skiing. Sunshine, fewer crowds, spring skiing, backcountry touring. Overseas travel may be up this year so a quick Tahoe getaway may be an affordable bonus. Put together a package for the shoulder season traveler.

Primary Summer Reservations

The Lake will be full and the season a bit shorter. The threat of fire will be lower this year so we can expect the crowds all summer. Reservations will be a key component to a successful Tahoe vacation, let your people know that. Let them know space is limited.

Mid-May - July 1

Early Summer

Got any deals? June has always been a hidden gem of a month for Tahoe. Yes, the water is cold but the skies are blue. It’s a good time to sit and relax and take in the views and sun. The big crowds have not arrived. Yet…

Secondary Summer Reservations

Those that have booked early will be looking for activities to fill their vacation schedules. Early booking deals? Ideas for the perfect July 5th day? Avoid the crowd's special offers? Mid-week ideas.

July to Mid-Aug

High Season

This is the time to just concentrate on Social Media. Have in place easy workflows to get your pictures and videos posted quickly. The perfect time to embed in local travelers' minds they should have booked a month ago. Slip in a Sept. extended summer message.

Deals and Fills

Finding Tuesdays are slower than the rest? Let your people know! It’s time to let people know how and why they should. Reminders of back to school and getting in your last kicks before summer is over.

Mid-Aug to End of Sept

Extended Summer

My personal favorite season. The crowds have eased and the temperature cooled. Take advantage of the extended summer.

Holiday Reservations

FOMO time.

Prime Winter Reservations

Let your people know now is the time to lock down a winter reservation.

Oct- Mid-Nov.

Shoulder season

Change of season. Quiet before the storm of winter and the Holidays. Time of reflection and giving thanks for a plentiful year.

So I hope this simple planner can help you to get motivated to get some early planning in because I am predicting Spring will be brief and packed with the clean-up of a record-setting snow year. Time and energy for marketing will be put aside for the more important DO IT NOW tasks up ahead.

Just laying down some thoughts and directions now will make a huge difference when your brain and body are overwhelmed with our traditional “Tahoe Summer is Short so do it all NOW “ season up ahead. I have always felt the Tahoe summers are glorious and chaotic all in one wondrous package. I plan to take full advantage this year!

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

Comment below or share.

Trina Gold

Master Creator

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