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Jumping Into Video

Tips for your next video campaign

Last week it was driving home the need for video shorts and this week I’ve added some quick tips for getting started to create videos and start posting.

I will say it again, the first ten suck so get them over with. My take on this learning process? People like the social status of OG so if your first attempts are not entirely offensive go ahead and post with the hopes that you will take people on your journey with you. Plus it takes content to enter into the algorithm world, continuous and consistent content. Ten is a good number to start with then pick a timetable you can stick with and sustain over time. Your gym membership begins here and we all know it takes time and commitment to build muscle so you can play hard on the slopes later.

Where do we begin?


Always begin with the message and then develop it into a script. It is so tempting to just raise the phone in the air and start talking. Even though I make more money from a client in editing it just is not worth the stress of a complete failure. I’ve sat behind the camera on enough professional marketers who think they’ve got this wired only to get back to the editing bay and find we left out the intro or worse the CTA. The entire video is now in repair mode and dependent on a patch. Argh!!!!

Need some tips for what needs to be in your video? Check this Social Media Examiner - 5 steps for scripting Matt Johnston

What does a script look like?

It can be as simple as 5 bullet points written on the arm holding the phone, or 125 carefully chosen words needing a teleprompter. This is your choice of what you need to get the video rolling. I know I have to fully write it out with correct spelling and proper spacing. Know what works for you.


Set the scene. Take moment to think about light, audio, and background.


3/4 is the best. This means you look directly into the source and then turn your face slightly to the right or left. Think 3 O’clock.

Ambient Audio:

Are you standing next to a super highway? A Waterfall? MOVE.

You need to be heard and there is no way to completely remove road noise or a droning engine of any kind from the dialog. A lot of ambient noise can be eliminated by using a lavaliere mic. There are tons of great options. The Rode Go is a great option in wireless. I’ve heard of them being strapped to a ski boot to capture the real sound of a turn. Wireless can be pricy so there are plenty of inexpensive wired mics you can plug into a phone. The Rode Lavalier Go is a $57 option.


Take a moment to do a test shot. You may not notice the trash bin that will take up the entire right side of the video, leaving you to cut into a headshot and stay there. With vertical, you want the upper screen very simple with no clutter so you can use it for text.

After lights, camera, and action it’s off to editing and then posting.

If you use a single platform then editing within the app gives you an advantage. All of the Big 3 want you to choose their software so they push for in-app editing, but if you use multiple platforms edit in separate editing software to avoid watermarks and post from a finished video to multiple platforms.

Time to jump in!

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