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Exiting to Entering

More Change Is Coming

Heavy sigh. It seems change is yet again rearing its tiresome head. You would think I would be cheering since change is a top 5 topic driver for newsletters. Yet I have to say, I’m looking forward to a bit of calm waters. At least for a few months coming in Jan through the spring. I won’t get too comfortable because come May the elephant in the room will be taking up a large portion of the space in the internet room. That Elephant is the last wave of the GDPR's effect. Google’s GA4 will take effect on July 1st, 2023. If you think IOS14 was disruptive well this is the final phase and there is a reason it’s taken so long to get here. It’s a big deal.

I’m not crying wolf and the sky is not falling. GA4 is a necessary change in the way we handle data. It is needed regulation because of our last decade of wild west data collection. Yes, it dramatically affects online marketing, but in a good way. Google GA4 Description.

So what can we do to prepare?

Now is a great time to clean up your Google accounts. Why? January is considered spring cleaning for YouTubers. It’s the slowest time of year for Google Ad accounts. The big hitters are relaxing after the Holiday push. Marketing traditionally rewrites the playbook at the beginning of a new year leaving it as a time of transition. Spend some time correcting addresses, links, basic information, or a new description. After The Great Bot cleanup of 2022, the platforms are wary of messy accounts. While you're there do a bit of research on getting GA4 in place.

For Big Water Ci. I launch a new ad campaign every January because with all the heavy hitters taking a break it’s the one time of year I can reach markets usually out of my price range. My clientele is small local businesses and I find they are looking for a problem solver service like BWCI at the beginning of each new year.

So let’s review 2022’s milestone changes.

  • Exiting a worldwide Pandemic - Whatever your feelings about vaccinations I for one would not trade places with China right now.

  • Rebuilding a disrupted worldwide supply chain - Suddenly offshore manufacturing is migrating back to the US, and it seems reliability outweighs the pennies saved when it comes to finished products being able to be delivered.

  • Bringing to market Electric Vehicles - This is a global market change and its effect is far-reaching. I'd like to see the US ride the front of this wave.

  • Regulating our online data. Europe led the charge on this one. First IOS14 and Now GA4. On July 1, 2023, The current Google system will stop collecting data.

What does this all have to do with online marketing?

  • The Pandemic forced businesses to shift marketing completely over to online. Those who dragged their feet before 2020, either scrambled to catch up or were left in the dust.

  • The supply chain became fluid and opened the market for new and innovative companies to thrive. Those that couldn’t pivot were lost.

  • The shift to EVs is an example of the new millennial generation coming into buying power and they have something to say about how we boomers have been running things. Kids - you gotta love them. A bit more info on Gen X,Y,Z

The new generations coming up the line are online natives. They don't have any concept of dial-up or the Yellow Pages. Streaming is how they get information, online is how they do business, and how business is done with them. They understand platforms and data and are taking the reins. I can’t wait for the mini-series - Mad - Men/Women/LGBTQIA+.

Understanding the big shifts will help you to move into 2023 and beyond in your marketing. With every great change rises a new voice. Keep your business focused on what you want to say and who you want to say it to. Let your message ring out clear and strong.

My holiday wish? A gentler way of advertising with communication and connection at its core. Lose the fear button and guide people to make good conscious choices that mean something to them. I welcome a move away from BIG numbers for big’s sake and a reality check to focus on real numbers with solid results. Leaving brand recognition and connection for the top KPIs. (Key Performance Indicators)

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

Comment below or share.

Trina Gold

Master Creator

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