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Evergreen Content

In the world of content creation, this is growing gold.

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant and valuable over a long period of time, without becoming outdated or losing its usefulness.

Content creation can be a money and resource pit so when you have the ability (or luck) to create something that lives on it’s like growing your own personal gold mine.

Beginning in 2010, my journey in Tahoe Freeride Kids Competition Videos as Big Water Event Media I never could have predicted that 10 years later I would still be getting over 3K views on my Youtube Channel every winter season. Every time there is a Freeride World Tour Event I gain a few hundred more views. My mama heart is so proud of our Tahoe-grown athletes. Who would have thought that almost a dozen of those kids would go on to the world stage? (and rock it!)

Actually, after capturing over 300K runs and posting close to 3K videos I had a pretty good idea of who would outgrow Tahoe and move on to the world stage. It was the kids who couldn’t get enough, that with every turn, leap, and landing the power of where they were at just that moment was where they wanted to be. The love of skiing was there for all to see and witness. That was clear, but I never imagined that a few thousand people would still be watching the videos of these "wunderkids" I posted almost a decade ago.

It was a journey of a lifetime and one I will never regret, it was worth every min of trekking to snowy windblown icy venues, hours in a snow trench with just my umbrella and camera, days of travel, nights of battery swap-outs, weeks of editing, and that ridiculous 55 lb pack I skied with. I had to drive to the venues because air travel with a carload of pelican cases filled with very expensive gear was just not worth the stress and hassle. 20K miles every Jan-April. Yet, every time these numbers get reported I get a big fist bump of “I knew it was a good thing to do”. I followed my intuition and made sure every run at a comp BWEM was at, was captured. Why? Who was I to choose who made the cut? I chose to let time pick the winners. Never thought that choice would include myself and BWCI.

So how do you go about creating evergreen content? Figure out what type fits your needs and ability.

Here are the top five.

  1. How-to guides and tutorials: These types of articles provide step-by-step instructions on how to do something, and they are always useful to readers. For example, "How to make a perfect cup of coffee" or "How to start a successful blog."

  2. List posts: Lists are a popular format for evergreen content because they are easy to read and provide valuable information. Examples include "10 tips for staying healthy during winter" or "7 ways to save money on your next vacation."

  3. Product Reviews: Reviews of products or services that are still relevant and popular years after their initial release can be great evergreen content. For example, "The best budget laptops for students" or "The top-rated smartphones of the year."

  4. Historical articles: Articles that explore the history of a topic or event can remain relevant for a long time, as they provide valuable context and perspective. For example, "The history of the internet" or "The origins of Halloween.” Or kids Freeride events.

  5. Expert advice and opinion pieces: Articles that feature insights from experts in a particular field can be evergreen if the advice and opinions provided are still relevant and useful. For example, "How to ace a job interview, according to HR professionals" or "The future of renewable energy, according to industry experts.”

It was 2018 since I closed BWEM and ended my days on the mountainsides of North America. To view, past playlists go to the Big Water Channel and hit the tab for playlists. There are over 50 playlists one for each individual event.

I’m still looking for something new for me to put my own energies towards. I firmly believe in evergreen content. Be forewarned, I won’t soften it.


When it’s something you are passionate about, the hardships and hurdles just melt away, and the rewards just keep coming many years down the road. Right now I have a new client that is on this path of evergreen content and I am thrilled to help him on his journey. #1 reason why I signed on? His passion to help people and the knowledge he is yearning to share.

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

Comment below or share.

Trina Gold

Master Creator

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