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Dog Days of Summer

Just in time to relax and embrace the slow pace of mid Summer.

No matter what your business, the hard sales line delivered in the dog days of summer just feels out of place. Like someone pushing their way upstream of the lazy river with a bull horn. Ya, you’ll get attention, and the comments directed to you, ALL negative. It’s time to ease your tone to your surroundings, your people. Now is a good time to check in with your platforms.

As advertisers, July and August are slow months. Most of our clients have their ads up and running and my job consists mainly of maintenance and tracking analysis. Same for January and February. Both Meta and Google take advantage and there are always new features and platform changes during this time.

Time to check-in.

Getting familiar with the changes now will take a bit more off your plate when Fall comes and it’s time to crank up the marketing campaigns again.

Meta Updates

Facebook Pages Experience -

This has been rolling out for months and now it’s here. I just spent last week in review of all the pages I have under management. Meta has fortified the professional page management workflow. This was a long time coming and it’s worth the time to switch to the new Page Experience. Meta’s requirement of a personal profile attached to every business page is a good policy but there were too many times when professional management had to cross the personal/business line in order to function. The connection is still there but business pages are one step further from their founders. Think of it as creating a social media corporation, the founders are protected. I had an encounter with a not-so-professional Social Media Manager who did not believe that I did not have my client's Facebook Password. I can post, comment, run ads, and track data on the business page but I have no access to my client’s personal pages. I connect through Meta business accounts and BWCI is granted access to certain features. I can’t wait for Instagram to follow. Hopefully soon.

Linkedin -

  1. Respond to Posts as Your LinkedIn Company Page - YES!

  2. Organic Lead Gen Forms for LinkedIn Pages. This is an exciting expansion, worth experimenting with.

  3. Boost Function Added to Scheduled LinkedIn Events. Much needed.

I follow Social Media Examiner and just this week on the “ Talk Show” the Judi Fox interview was loaded with information.


Google did a major core update in May. This was a big update and everyone is still adjusting. Being someone who works on these platforms daily I felt the growing pains. For instance, Google maps went down for an entire day. There were other functions that disappeared and reappeared in the past few months. Coming soon is the Google Analytics 4 rollout. If you run Google ads you will need to be prepared.

I know it’s not the latest novel but a bit of light reading or a video might make a good afternoon project. Fall will arrive and you want to have a clean clear platform to run on.

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

Comment below or share.

Trina Gold

Master Creator

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