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Creating scripts for short videos.

You may think it’s easier to script a short video. Think again, because in 125 words or less in a min of video every word counts, every phrase must be lean and powerful, confusion will kill any hope of connection and no one wants their ad to be compared to the side effects rant of a drug ad so more is not the solution.

OK, I have to admit it but I am greatly affected by a good ad, the same 30 sec. Les Schwab ad ran in the mornings one fall and it was brilliant. Every time it ran I was grabbing my phone to track the timing and take notes. Even though I saw and logged the ad a dozen times I still bought new tires soon after. Yes, I needed tires, but their message was all about “DO IT NOW”.

Side note, I am a Stones Tire Fan, the local guys got the purchase. But I bought tires sooner than later, and the ad prompted the sale.

When creating a video script always keep in mind why anyone would, should, or could watch your video. Ask this every step of the process. A great tool I use that came from Business Made Simple is Online Sales Script. It has nice colored boxes with prompts to fill in. I do up to a handful or so of these every week and I still find this tool remarkably useful. I’m amazed at how often I move sentences from one box to another box. How a simple phrase can work for both the solution or problem. For an in-depth messaging review, I highly recommend Donald Millers, Business Made Simple University. A Bootcamp for business messaging. I'm following their formula to a T.

Tips for scripting video.

  1. Start with the problem. Ask a question then dig into the problem. Feel the pain of your people.

  2. Offer up your services as the solution. Position yourself as the solution. This can be a real challenge to do with just a few words.

  3. Present your plan. Keep it simple so you don’t overwhelm your viewer. 3 Easy steps, maybe 4 if you absolutely have to. Leave room for a future conversation.

  4. State the stakes. Both positive and negative if you can. Les Schwab did this in under 3 seconds with a tire blowout. The positive stake was a happy customer pulling away smiling with an everybody loves new shoes grin.

  5. Call to action. You have to ask and be clear about what you want the viewer to do. Confuse you lose…

When you are thinking about your marketing think about how you purchase and why. In the early days of my Table Top design business (The ’ ’90s), was my first venture into sales and marketing. I dove into why I buy and it ruined mall shopping for me forever. I just can’t go there knowing what I know about mass marketing. I prefer small boutiques and do not mind the added cost when it comes to my faith in the shop owner’s passion for good clothing over mass-marketed mall wear. After you get real about yourself start watching your friends, family, and their buying habits. Warning: This is like politics, best to keep your opinions to yourself, we all live in glass houses when it comes to spending money. Data doesn’t care and judgment does not serve a purpose when collecting data.

One thing I know about myself is for me to make an online purchase, a video wins every time. I purchase gear online regularly and a video shows me how it handles, the size, functionality, and being a creator I know that the seller is willing to go the extra mile for a sale.

Videos Hitlist. (Notice the host)

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

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Trina Gold

Master Creator

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