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Creating Content

For some businesses this task can be daunting, other’s it’s a walk in the park.

It’s all about tapping into your superpowers here.

Creating Consistent Content.

Coming up with content ideas week in and week out can be a daunting task and in the online visibility game, it is exactly what is required. Let’s start with my posting mantra for business “Consistently posting not constantly posting.” Begin with a heart-to-heart on what you can do and then tackle what you need to do. Then tap into your superpowers on what you can do well.

We all see those people who easily whip out their phones and snap a picture or talk for 15 sec on camera without so much as a second thought. I envy them. Yes, with over 20 years on and around cameras during video production I still am not capable of spontaneous content. I prefer a script and a teleprompter.

That being said I see a lot of great on-the-spot video that does not follow a storyline or they forgot a call to action. It’s important to check all the boxes when creating content for a business.

  • State the problem

  • Add pain points

  • Offer the solution

  • Show the results

  • Call to action

Now that you have the process it’s time to turn on the idea machine.

Start with a brainstorming session. Everything is on the table.

Get a list going of possible customer questions to answer, problems to solve, new releases, and current events. Think ahead in the calendar year. What can you be talking about now that you can pick up later and reference?

Using themes.

Can really help with at least one post a week. Mindful Mondays, Talk it Up Tuesdays, and Wailin Wednesdays are just a few off the top of my head. A Theme can really help in more ways than one. First, it eases having to come up with something new and the repetition of a keyword phrase is SEO fuel.

Reposting useful information.

Becoming the GoTo for useful information and getting known for being an expert is a big brand builder. Think giving, not for the expectations of return but because through generosity you can build an online presence that you are proud of. The world is entering a new era of conscious consumerism not a bad direction as far as I’m concerned.

Tips and Tricks, the standard.

Why is it so successful? Again, becoming your client's valuable source of information will build a strong relationship. The keyword here is value. Plus SEO searchables. There may be a lot of people out there with the same problem.

Get stuck? I go to Social Media Examiner they have monthly newsletters that are jammed packed with info and their Youtube Channel is filled with value-packed videos. Like Allie Bloyd’s 20+ Post Ideas or Newsletter 11 Instagram Ideas SMExaminer.

How often do I post?

This is the organic side of social media each post MAY see 1% of your followers so as often as possible. It also depends on the platform, who you are talking to, what you are saying, and why.

For instance:

Youtube is the long slow in-depth informational and production costs higher, once a week for short versions and once a month for long in-depth tutorials.

Facebook, weekly will do, and Instagram anywhere from twice a week to daily.

TikTok will take 3-5 posts daily to move the needle, it’s a big investment but it’s also a new kid on the block, and dominating it now will put you in a prime position later when the platform matures.

LinkedIn, once a week is rockin’ it for BWCI right now.

I think you are getting the picture right now. Your organic social feed is your storefront. People go there to see if you have a pulse, you look successful, and if you know how to do business. This is where you build relationships with your existing client to keep them connected and informed. Need tips in Leveraging Your Content?

Looking to grow your organic reach? You will have to double up and get serious on the content posting or this is where paid advertising comes in. Remember all social platforms are built on advertising, it’s what keeps the lights on. Not sure? Start here with Paid vs. Organic.

Get on out there and start posting.

Any questions? Comment below

Get to the surface!

Trina Gold

Master Creator

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