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Behavioral Intelligence

From Keywords to Connections - Personalizing Content for Deeper Engagement

It’s been a subtle shift almost lost in all the AI adjustments we’ve taken on in the past year. But it has been shifting. A kind of chicken-and-egg scenario. As AI has gained purchase the importance of keywords has begun to diminish. AI has been pushing out its own workforce. It’s not just humans that are affected in this new world. 

What I mean is in the past year I have been laser-focusing on people's behavioral patterns, this is where I’ve had the best success. What do you offer and to whom do you offer it? Knowing these two fundamentals will give you the HOW. With all the online tools we have at our fingertips the how gets sorted out quickly when you know the behavioral patterns of your client. Take last week’s topic.  Postcards vs. Pixels sending out 20K postcards to a general demographic where 95% are not your clients may not be a sound business decision. My point is that a digital campaign will reach 10X that in the number of people, with 90% in your demographic, with at least 10 touches over 4 weeks for the same amount of cost. It’s a numbers comparison, not an opinion.

 Developing your Behavioral Intelligence (BI), diving deep into your audience’s wants, needs, and patterns to purchase is crucial for today's marketing. This is where AI has become an essential tool, not because it’s some evil being but an evolution of our human behavioral patterns. The need to sort out all this instant, new, and overwhelming information we have gathered. Think where harvesting grain to feed the world would be without farming combines and silos. We are still the drivers even if it is computer assisted.

Beyond Keywords: The Rise of Behavioral Intelligence:

Dive deep into your current clients' customer journey. Are they website searchers? Social media users and if so which platform and why? Do they get to your website through search or social? I ask because, in a tourist town, this can make or break a marketing campaign. If they don’t live here do they even know how to search for you? In the old days, you arrived at your destination turned on the TV, and saw local advertisements.  Now that the audience has moved to mobile and social. The caveat is local ads are even easier and cheaper to run. When I began in Meta Advertising it was all about behavioral targeting and my skill of finding the perfect audience. Now with AI, we let the machine do the work and the skill is in knowing how to prompt for best results. And the results are good, really good. Personalization is the key ingredient here for creating the most effective prompts.

From Broad-strokes to Brushstrokes: Personalized Content Strategies:

Now with advanced tracking and the ability to deep dive with analytics, you can see how people move across your website. How do they get there and what do they do? Building that personalized customer path is now possible and highly effective. The same goes for email marketing with trigger-based tools, a personalized message is sent to people to let them know just how you will make their lives better and lead them to your door ready to purchase. Don’t forget social’s part in all this. They can be your first touch with real-time local advertising showing your ads to people based on their previous searches and likes, wherever they may have been, and connecting to their needs in their current location. Which is everything in our tourist-based economy. Where else can they get the local information they need? If it’s not on mobile you will be pushing the boulder uphill every step of the way. Think of social like billboards along people's own personal highways. They may be annoying until it’s something you want like gas or food. The AI drivers in social now are much better at putting the needed info at your fingertips and limiting the pests.

The Future of Marketing: BI as a Competitive Advantage:

This is where we are in marketing. The tools and evolution of our online world this past year have brought us to personalization of what once was a big vast ocean of floating content. The importance of developing your BI will be the difference between being a small krill floating aimlessly with the masses or a sleek sailfish or dolphin navigating the waters. All are needed for the ecosystem to survive, but I’d rather be a little further up the food chain.

If there is a topic you’d like to hear more about by all means comment below or direct message and I’ll do my best.

Nothing better than a good question to jump into.

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

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Trina Gold 

Master Creator

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