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An Example of a Complete Video Campaign

For the last few weeks, I have talked about short videos. So today, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and showing you my latest example. BWCI’s new video campaign - “Now Is The Time”. You can see how we execute a proper video campaign.

I’ll break it down.


I start with a script following the 5 part Scripting Tips that I wrote about in last week's newsletter.

1) The problem

After years of angst and frustration Now is the time to get on with business.

Start with marketing and refresh your online presence.

2) The solution and positioning of BWCI.

At BWCI can get your business to the surface of mobile, desktop, and tablet.

We create content that gets you noticed.

Content crafted just for you to trigger SEO and raise your business above the noise to be seen and heard.

3) The Plan

With just three easy steps.

  1. Create, we can build you a video ad campaign that spans all your platforms.

  2. Post, because it is just plain easier for you when we do.

  3. Track, you need to know what your dollars are doing for you.

4)The Stakes

Look around and you will see everyone on their mobile devices.

If your business is not visible you lose.

Not keeping up to date with your online presence can leave you in the dust.

5) CTA

Drop us your email so we can schedule you in. Your consultation is free.

The Video

Meta Includes- Posts on Facebook and Instagram, Verticle Video on Reels, Meta Ad spanning Instagram- stories, reels, a news feed, Facebook - Reels, News feed, Stories, and half a dozen other platforms.

YouTube - A Google video ad campaign, Wide 16:9 Video on the top of my channel and vertical 9:16 for Youtube shorts

Linked In - BWCI Business page

The supporting posts for Meta.

These are scheduled out over 6 weeks.

Example of BWCI 6 Week Posting campaign

This is how you leverage your content and create an online presence. Like the cobbler, my own video campaigns have way too much space in between. This year my goal is to get a new BWCI video campaign out every six weeks.

This Week's Video Hit List

Succeeding With LinkedIn Company Pages I watched it twice and took notes. I will be putting my focus on building up my company page in the next few months.

Reach out for a talk over coffee or a hike I give information freely. I only ask to be paid when I do the work.

Comment below or share, I would love to hear if any of this works for your business.

Trina Gold

Master Creator

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