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Give Me 30 Minutes and I'll Show You How to Get More Listing Views That Actually Lead to Sales

Increase your online visibility

Increase SEO by 75%

User interaction by 80%. 

User retention by 95%!!!!

I can show you how to rise above the competition.

Get your listings seen. 

Reach the ideal buyer

where the live work and play.

I can show you how to directly market the right property to the right client.

Facebook ads are incredibly powerful and specific to target the ideal client.

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Why Doesn't Real Estate Utilize

Social Media Marketing?

There are 287 Real Estate Offices in the Tahoe Truckee Area.

Close to 1000 active Realtors


Why doesn't Real Estate Marketing use Social Media to reach their ideal client?

  • Too confusing?

  • To Overwhelming?

  • Don't know where to start?

We have a workflow for you!!!

Get the right listing,
in front of the right people,

Can you afford to wait?