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How this works:

Big Water has over 2000 Big Mountain videos posted. We've been capturing events since 2010.

With video there is no way to do proofs. I've always guaranteed my work and so far no one has ever wanted a refund.

When I receive your order  I'll send you a Paypal Invoice. Once that's been paid your video will be edited and uploaded.

Then Go to 2018 Big Water Event page and it will be under the main thumbnail. It will have the same thumbnail but your name will be in the title.

TJFS & IFSA Season List

Just let me know who to capture and I'll put your athlete on the list for auto post and invoice later.

The web site is new, Alpine Racing is a new addition so thank you for your support while we are working out the kinks.

Now that you've signed up.

I'll send you an invoice if you decide not to purchase you can cancel it on your end. Your video will be posted after I receive payment.

You will find your video on.

2018 Big Water Events page

Just follow the thumbnail for your event playlist.

You'll find your video there.

Thank you


Thank you!!!

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