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Video Basics 101



Deliver your message - Share your story - Teach your expertise


Where your customers hang out. Figuring out your channel is important. You don't want to waste time and money on Instagram when your clients use Facebook.  When was the last time you picked up a paper?


A series of posts, created with purpose, posted with a plan that produces traffic and sales.


When you post, what you post and what you do after. We develop a timeline for your campaign.

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 10 crucial points to cover when you jump into video.


  1. Do you have an online marketing plan?

  2. Do you have a Social Media Manager?

  3. Do you know your channel?

  4. Are they just a videographer? Getting the shot is great but not everything. Video production is far more complex.

  5. Does the videographer do weddings, family or commercial video?

  6. Does the videographer know how to format for Facebook? Youtube? Pinterest? Instagram. 

  7. Do you want just a great shot over some run of the mill music with canned titles from the last wedding video?

  8. Do you get thumbnails? Different Formats?

  9. Do they template or do you start from fresh every time your prices/offer changes.

  10. Do they create your motion graphics or buy the template of the week.

Bottom line are you talking about one video? 

A role of the dice shot at the holy grail  “viral video”  Even if you got so lucky as to go viral you will still need content afterwards to funnel sales. It would be nice if you had that in place before the next viral video 24 hours later.

What you need is......

Video content thoughtfully crafted so that capture and creation - the two highest cost elements in video are utilize and leveraged to produce an online strategy with content to last the campaign and beyond.

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